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Save Your Marriage with The Marriage Breakthrough

I am featuring parts of the Marriage Breakthrough Seminar because I want people to know that, although relationships don't come with instruction manuals, there is much that can be learned about making marriages work. No one is born knowing how to create a successful relationship. We learn about marriage by watching our own… Continue

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Valentine's Day for the Broken Hearted

Romantic dinners at candlelit restaurants, Godiva chocolates, two dozen long-stem roses, sentimental Hallmark cards- the stuff Valentine's Day is made of.

But what if your relationship is on the rocks and Valentine's Day is just another painful reminder that your life isn't what you hoped it would be? Then what do you do? I know, this isn't exactly an uplifting topic, but the truth is,… Continue

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Too Broke to Break Up

Too Broke to Break Up

Call me an optimist, but in the midst of all the horrendous economic news, I see a silver lining. Despite people’s lives being threatened by job loss, foreclosures and having trouble making ends meet, increasing numbers of couples are opting to stay together and make their marriages work. Why? Because they have to, that's why. Couples simply don’t have enough money to hire attorneys, engage in protracted legal…

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Why Tiger Would

As soon as I heard on the news that Tiger Woods smashed his car after leaving his house at some ungodly hour in the morning, I knew we were in for a tabloid blitz with speculations about the possible reasons for such a hasty exit. Then, once allegations of infidelity started to hit the airwaves, the inevitable happened- all eyes turn to the intriguing Tiger Woods mystery. Inquiring minds want to… Continue

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The Foxes and The Rabbits


The Foxes and The Rabbits

Several years ago something mysterious happened in Canada. The rabbit population had diminished drastically. Intrigued by this, scientists searched for an explanation. Although they thought the drop in the number of rabbits must have been caused by an illness, they could not indentify any. A few years later, scientists again noticed something unexplainable: The rabbit population increased. Adding to their perplexity,… Continue

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The Walkaway Wife Syndrome


Did you know that of the over one million marriages that will end in divorce this year, two thirds to three quarters of those divorces will be filed for by women? What is this so-called, "Walk-away Wife" syndrome all about?

In the early years of marriage, women are the relationship caretakers. They carefully monitor their relationships to make sure there is enough closeness and connection. If not, women will do what they can to try to fix things. If their husbands aren't… Continue

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Hitched Podcast

Episode 555: Is Marriage Bad for Firefighters (or Other Dangerous/High Stress Professions)?

A new study found that firefighters who had loving stable marriages at home were more stressed at work than those who didn’t. Huh? Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.

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