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A Woman’s Sex through the Ages: 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s . . .and Beyond












There is so much information out there written for us women about sex and our responses to it (present company included). To some degree when we’re addressed as women, we’re all lumped together in one fell swoop. We’re told about our G spots, our orgasmic potential, our…


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The Porn Trap

There is so much about today’s lifestyle that is bringing significant changes to our relationships. We are admittedly a whole lot busier and spend far more time on the road. We do little face-to-face communication and possess a slew of technological gizmos and gadgets. We are also avid consumers of entertainment and have grown accustomed to hyper-stimulation. In other words, we get bored easily and seem to need a constant stream of new excitement. Is it any surprise then that our new mode of…


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Why Guy-Vulnerability is Soooooo Sexy

There is a deeply embedded idea floating around in relationship circles, that men are emotional klutzes when it comes to the expression of deep feeling. And this idea is not without some merit. As women, we’ve witnessed men scratch themselves in public, and give huge pats on the back or behind (depending on the culture) when affirming each other in some sport. Men have screamed, laughed and even cried together at the outcome of some game or the other. Obviously, to men, there seems to be…


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What a Man Wants

I know that some of you, especially males, are going to think that it’s decidedly presumptuous of me to even think that I know what a man wants. But I’m no Johnny or Jane come lately. Having been married to the same man for over twenty-five years and the fact that I live in a house with four males, gives me the distinct advantage of getting up close and personal with…


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When Your Man Makes Love Like A Boy

I know this article will probably tick off some men. Sorry guys. But I also know that some women will immediately connect with the imagery. When it comes to sex, some men are definitely men and unfortunately other men seem destined to remain boys. What exactly do I mean? Not being a man myself of course I can only make this summation based on years of keen observation, the…


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Sex with a Sexual Mis-Match?

I’ve been reading “Who Should You Have Sex With” by Dr. Mark Thompson and have not been terribly surprised by his very masculine take on sexual chemistry. After all, men tend to be very logical and precise in their view of reality. He believes that where sex is concerned, like should always match like. This view mirrors the notion espoused today, that great sex, the chandelier-swinging variety, occurs best in a context where a husband and wife are on the same sexual…


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The Score: What Type of Lover Are You?

If you were to be rated by your partner as a lover on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you score? For those of you who are wondering why we would want to go about the business of being rated as lovers, it is important to note that everything in life has a value. We value things as fickle as our cars, our clothes, shoes and even our smart-phones. We want specific brand-names…


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What Does Everyone Really Want?

Love sex? Hate sex? Couldn’t care less about sex? Need to learn more? Perhaps already screaming the house down? Well maybe my latest book  is just what you need. Check out this promotional video on “You Tube”, shot on location in beautiful Barbados. And please; share with your friends.…


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When Your Prince is Really a Frog

Let me start with a huge apology. I’m sincerely sorry guys for understatedly calling you frogs. While I harbour no underlying resentment for men, I absolutely abhor frogs. The creatures are ugly, slimy and cold but trust me; there is some science to my comparison that has nothing to do with physical resemblance.

I’m sure that most of us are familiar with the numerous…


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How to Succeed When We Fail at Love

There’s a common relationship scenario with which many of you ladies are familiar I’m sure. Girl meets guy and she’s absolutely sure that this time he’s the one. In the early stages everything seems to be going fine. There is terrific physical attraction and chemistry; lots of deep staring into the eyes and long, passionate, exploratory kisses. There is also an…


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So You've Been Cheated On; What Next?

In my experience as a counselor, I’ve come across a variety of cheaters and cheating styles. There are those who cheat with one-night stands where there is a one-off never-again-to-be-repeated episode (hopefully) of infidelity. There are those who have long-standing, deep emotional and sexual affairs, where very often the individual fancies himself/herself to be…


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Why Some Wives Need to be "Bitches" in the Bedroom

Our responses to sex and our own sexuality can be as complicated as they are mysterious. The truth is, we don’t learn about sex in one fell swoop. Our attitudes, behaviours and responses to sex are often a hodge-podge of multiple influences over time. The traditional socialisation of women as the more genteel and nurturing of the sexes, has meant that many women end up feeling very conflicted about their own sexuality. The media is very good at portraying the sexually…


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Surviving the Four-Year Itch


Much has been said about the four-year itch. For the uninitiated, this refers to the period

after marriage where both husbands and wives begin to develop a roving eye (or so the theory goes). There develops according to this trend of thought, a decided propensity for looking for greener relationship pastures. Scientific

research already…


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When A Woman Is A Vulture and Your Man The Prey

We've all met this kind of woman I'm sure. We can sense her a mile away. She is like a bird of prey and most likely, she's preying on your man. Lest I be misunderstood, this article is not an attempt to absolve men of any of the guilt or responsibility which they must acknowledge when it comes to cheating. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Men are not babies. They know…


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So What If "Great Sex" Is Not Enough?

After flying the flag fastidiously about the benefits of a great sex life, some of you may wonder if I’ve finally awakened from my slumber to smell the strong coffee. Actually, I never lost sight (or rather smell) of it and the entire story about relationships must always be told. “Great Sex”, “Greater Orgasms”, “Find Your G Spot”, “Drive Him/Her Wild In Bed” and the like,…


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Cheat and Tell?

Recently I had quite an interesting conversation with a girlfriend of mine. She was stuck somewhat between a rock and a hard place because she was wondering if it was always necessary to confess that one had cheated. If you cheated, did you always have to tell? Is it alright to wriggle out of an affair without confessing to your partner what had been done?



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"OOOOO Baby!" A Guy's Guide to Using the Language of Love

It is a scientific fact that women are more language oriented than men. This perhaps explains why we tend to be so turned on by talk; words just have a way of getting to us.There have been so many songs and poems written by men, to women, to express their deep and abiding desire and love. From Shakespeare to Wordsworth to Robert Blake, to the sultry lyrics of popular…


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Naming Our Sex Organs; What This Reveals About Us

If you’re like me, you probably grew up in an era when the genitals were imbued with a wonderful sense of mystique. When it came to body parts, an eye was always an eye and a tooth a tooth. When it came to the vagina however, it was a pocket, a pok-pok, a coochie, a pokey or some other slang term, some of  which will remain unmentionable in this forum. What these…


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Boring Bedrooms and the Cure for Nocturnal Headaches

I honestly don't think that there are any words more over-used on the planet than "sex" and "sexy". In contemporary advertising and everyday conversations, "sexy" is used to describe just about everything: your car, my lipstick, a woman's legs, breasts, a guy's rear end, a magazine, a pair of shoes and the list is by no means exhaustive. We have grown so accustomed to singing about sex in Pop and R & B music, having it talked about on talk-shows, discussed on blogs (present company…


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Episode 639: Are Affairs All Bad?

>A website that helps married couples have affairs conducted a survey where over three-quarters of respondents said it benefitted their marriage. How reliable is this information and what does Dr. Karen Sherman think?

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