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Upset? Kiss Your Partner


It's during the challenging part of our relationship that our will, want and desire to stay emotionally connected is put to the test.

Some of us want to go into a cave or shut down emotionally. Not to say zoning out in front…


Added by Trina Read on April 14, 2012 at 7:38am — 2 Comments

Shape Your Life Up: Tell Yourself the (Desired) Truth!

Ack!! Your computer is acting up—again—and despite hitting “escape” and every other “get-me-outta-here” key you can think of,  you’re in frozen hell. “I hate this computer!” you mutter. Your co-worker glances over at you, “That’s what you always say. Maybe you should try talking pretty to it.” You snort, “Right! And the computer can hear me and will suddenly unlock itself. I’ll bet you still believe in Santa Claus.” Your co-worker shrugs: “Works for me.”


You grumble and…


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How Long Does the Honeymoon Period Last?

Does the honeymoon period last a month? A year? Five years? In short, it depends. In fact, Kira Birditt, an assistant research professor at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, found that although the conventional wisdom is that all marriages decline in happiness over time, that's not…


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Bad to Worse Day - Now What?!

Why is it that when one thing goes wrong, it seems everything starts to go wrong? It’s like you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and somehow it’s all downhill from there?

I’m at the vet, waiting to get my dog’s annual checkup – not his favorite thing,  although he likes all the face to face with cats, and iguanas and other strange beasts  – when a German Shepherd sweeps in, dragging his poor owner barely hanging on to the leash,  behind him. “Rex, stop,” she’s imploring, not that… Continue

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Putting Out Fires

Why do you feel like you’re always putting out fires? Why are you so mired down in the details of your day to day that you never get to the things that really matter to you?

I’m grabbing a quick bite at the corner deli, and a woman is in deep conversation with her friend, saying: “I don’t know how it happens – I wake up, it’s half past six, I run around like a crazy woman all day, with work, the kids, the house – and the next thing I know it’s midnight and I haven’t even looked at… Continue

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Evening News Jitters

What is with this anxiety you feel every time you watch the evening news? Why do you feel like you have to be on hyper alert all the time or else something awful is going to happen?


There's so much violence and crime in the world these days. Kids shooting kids, stalkers, rapists, drive by shootings, terrorist actions, murderers on the loose – you feel like you have to be scanning everything all around you all the time, trying to figure where the next onslaught of violence is…


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Grad Students Benefit from Being Married

What happens when a study of college students is conducted to correlate hormone levels with risk-taking behavior? Researchers inadvertently find that being in a committed relationship lowered cortisol and testosterone levels, which lowered the stress levels of students. Five hundred University of Chicago business school students were asked to play a series of computer… Continue

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Frustration with Customers

Why do you get so frustrated with your customers or clients that you have to exercise major self-control not to say something bitingly sarcastic to them? How do you keep it together when what you really want to do is blow up?

OK, so you're a people-person, you really are, and 90% of the time you love your job, dealing with people all day long, day in day out. But then you get a griper, or a whiner, or a nagger, or some other lower form of personhood, and then you have to smile and… Continue

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Week #4--Why Did I Think I Could Have Sex This Week?

This is week #4 of my Six Month Sex Challenge. This week it's all about getting through the Christmas season stress and not killing each other.

What I learned last week: Oral sex is an easy way to add sex into the week.

Why Did I Think I Could Have Sex This Week?

Okay, I’ll admit it. I bit off way more than I could chew preparing for Christmas. Honestly, I thought baking 30 dozen cookies, shopping, mailing cards, potty training, working on… Continue

Added by Trina Read on December 18, 2009 at 8:15am — No Comments

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