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The Dog Ate My Homework: Really? Still?


Remember the good old days when you actually thought you could get away with “the dog ate my homework?” Or – updated version – “My baby sister deleted my homework with one swipe of her pureed banana fingertips”?

How well did it work then? Uh-huh. So why do you keep running the same refrain now? Because you do, you know. Only instead of trotting it out for your teacher’s benefit, you run it on yourself.

Let me explain. You really want a raise, for example. You really…


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Shape Your Life Up: Tell Yourself the (Desired) Truth!

Ack!! Your computer is acting up—again—and despite hitting “escape” and every other “get-me-outta-here” key you can think of,  you’re in frozen hell. “I hate this computer!” you mutter. Your co-worker glances over at you, “That’s what you always say. Maybe you should try talking pretty to it.” You snort, “Right! And the computer can hear me and will suddenly unlock itself. I’ll bet you still believe in Santa Claus.” Your co-worker shrugs: “Works for me.”


You grumble and…


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Make A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

You know your usual litany of New Year’s resolutions: “This year I’m gonna lose 5 – 10 -50 pounds. This year I swear I’ll get to the gym at least twice a week. This year I absolutely positively will not spend past my credit limit. This year I swear I’ll never have another ginger Martini (given the consequences of your last bout with said delectable beverage).

It’s your standard January 1 list most years – and it’s a great list!

But how about if instead of – or in addition to -…


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What to do when confronted by "The Pink Elephant"

Every now and again you come across a situation in your life that blows your hair back, your skirt up or...just blows. For example: you find out the person you're seriously considering spending the rest of your life with isn't interested in a long term relationship with you.  Or you discover one evening, quite by accident, that your husband prefers blondes...who are hung like a horse. Or you learn that your new girlfriend is really a man, or that your movie star/Governor…


Added by Maryanne Comaroto on June 3, 2011 at 1:24pm — 2 Comments

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