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There's A Good Liklihood Jesus Was Married

A fragment of papyrus that was originally revealed to the world in 2012 has been undergoing tests to validate its authenticity. The scientists have done their studies and the verdict is in: the papyrus is ancient. While the age of the document is all fine and good, it's what is written on it that makes it so…


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Esquire's Sex Issue Reveals Married Men Think Married Sex is Good

It's so often portrayed that married sex is boring and that single sex is so much better. Well, Esquire magazine has just released their Sex issue, which includes a survey conducted by Beta Research Corporation of 522 male internet-connected respondents between the ages of 21 and 59. Here are some of the published results pertaining to…


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Bring Back Sexy Fun

Responsibility and mind-blowing sex are like oil and water...they just don't mix.

It's easy to understand with everything going on in our day-to-day lives, why sex goes to the bottom of the to-do list.

Thing is, sex is an important component to a healthy relationship. So how can a hard…


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Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?

Can certain foods truly stimulate sexual desire, or is it all in our heads?

For example, anything shaped like a penis--like asparagus--was thought to be sexually stimulating to both sexes (why are we not…


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Touching Means a Happier You

How do you know a newbie couple? They're wrapped around each other like pretzels.

And it's one of the reasons newbie sex is fantastic; as the abundance of couple touch means they're  already jacked-up and good to go when it comes to bedroom time.

Touching is…


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Foreplay for Men

Be an active recreational partner.

While dating, you probably hung on his every word while he talked about those things that interested him. It was part of your charm and why he found you so darn attractive.

Bringing that when you first met magic…


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Get Your Sexual Groove Back

A lack of sexual desire--the thoughts you have around sex--is the number one reason couples in North America stop having sex.

What that means for you is: if you have negative thoughts towards sex before, during and after the sexual encounter, it will profoundly dampen your desire to have sex.…


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A touch can mean a thousand words

Show each other, rather than tell each other, how much you care.

Small, affectionate gestures done every day can help create intimacy outside and inside the bedroom.

Why is this so important to a happy sex life? Intimacy being the glue that holds a couple…


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Become a sexy sleuth

Does your relationship need a little sexy pick me up? Try sexy sleuthing.

Devise a series of clues to lead your mate throughout your home.

With each clue, write a different letter(s) of the alphabet on the back of each clue, which, when put together spell the special thing you… Continue

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A three minutes to great sex tip

                                                                  Make time to massage her.

Here's an easy idea a guy can do to help ease his gal into a romantic mood. Give her a three minute massage.

It doesn’t have to be an hour-long affair with candles and massage oils; a ten… Continue

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Should a cheater kiss & tell?

Dear Dr. Trina

I cheated on my husband and don’t know whether I should tell him. I think it’s better to not say anything and let it be water under the bridge.

Cheater Still in Love

Dear Cheater Still in Love,

In the short term not telling would seem like the best… Continue

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When Your Prince is Really a Frog

Let me start with a huge apology. I’m sincerely sorry guys for understatedly calling you frogs. While I harbour no underlying resentment for men, I absolutely abhor frogs. The creatures are ugly, slimy and cold but trust me; there is some science to my comparison that has nothing to do with physical resemblance.…


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Study Shows Long Married Couples Mimic Physical & Emotional State

Researchers from the University of British Columbia and Pennsylvania State University tracked the emotional and physical histories of more than 1,700 older couples over a 15-year period and found a strong relationship between “depressive symptoms” (unhappiness, loneliness and restlessness) and “functional…


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