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Social Security Data Reveals Top 10 Most Popular Baby Names of 2012

Do you watch Game of Thrones on HBO? If you thought Arya would be a good name for a girl, the name of one of the main characters, you might light to know that it had the biggest jump in popularity within the top 500 names. However, it didn't crack the top 10. 

According to Social Security data, here were the top 10…


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More Red Lights Run on Memorial Weekend Than Any Other Holiday Weekend

Be safe this weekend! A new report by the National Coalition for Safer Roads found that more than 2.3 million drivers in 18 states ran a red light last year, and the number of scofflaws was more than 27% higher on Memorial Day weekend than on an average non-holiday weekend. The reason, according to this …


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Rate of Interracial Marriage in U.S. Hits Record High

New data from the  Pew Research Center might fall under the category of "not surprising," but it's still good to have the hard numbers. The study showed that in…


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Twin Birth Rate Skyrockets 76% in Past Three Decades

This is probably a general observation that you may have already noticed, but there are definitely more twins being born today than in the past. A report from the National Center for Health Statistics found that twin births are up in all age groups, across all races in all states. Overall, the twin birth rate jumped…


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For Women, Sexual Satisfaction Increases with Age

According to a new report in The American Journal of Medicine, a study of 806 women who are part of ongoing, 40-year research project, found that sexual satisfaction increased as the women aged even though sexual frequency decreased. The mean age of the participants in the study were 67, 63% were postmenopausal. Women…


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Sexual Performance for Post-Prostate Cancer Patients Varies

A new study that appeared in the American Medical Association from researchers out of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston found that the chances of losing sexual function after prostate cancer treatment varied widely. Some of factors that could help determine where a man would fall on the spectrum were weight,…


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Federal Health Department Approves Free Birth Control & More

Under President Barack Obama's health care law a slew of new coverages were ruled on and approved earlier this week by the Federal Health Department, including the coverage of birth control by health insurance companies without copay. Birth control is just one element of preventive care coverage for women. Also to be… Continue

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C-Section Births At An All-Time High

A new study conducted in 19 states between 2002 and 2009 found that cesarean deliveries jumped from 27 percent of births in the United States to 34 percent. The report comes from HealthGrades, a source for physician information and hospital quality outcomes. In trying to understand why the rate of c-section births have…


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Longest Research Trial Ever Says Mammograms Reduce Deaths

A Swedish trial that followed patients for nearly three decades (29 years) revealed that those who were screened had 30 percent fewer breast cancer deaths than those who were not screened. What the researchers also found was that the longer the screening process, the better the results. In fact, researchers say the majority of the… Continue

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Date Night Idea: Try Local Craft Beer at a Brewpub

The author of "Great American Craft Beer," Andy Crouch, has highlighted 10 spots where brewing is done on-site. If these locations are in your area, you might consider planning a date around one of these. You… Continue

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Romance Writers Share Their Romance Tips for Summer

USA Today compiled a nice list of advice from various best-selling romance writers on how to boost your romance this summer. Here's what some of them said: 

Mary Jo Putney, author of…


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