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Testosterone Drops Dramatically for Dads After Baby Arrives

A new study out of Northwestern University showed that testosterone levels for men who had become fathers dropped between 26 percent and 34 percent. The study followed 624 young men in the Philippines for over 4.5 years, some were married and others had long-term relationships with girlfriends. The drop in testosterone… Continue

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No Link That Breast-Feeding Prevents Eczema

When you're talking about the benefits of breast-feeding, the studies pile to the clouds. In a new study, researchers in Britain gathered data on more than 50,000 children ages 8 to 12 in 21 countries. The researchers assessed the prevalence and severity of eczema with skin examinations of the children, family medical histories and questionnaires about past symptoms. The study… Continue

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Dogs Can Sniff Lung Cancer

We already knew dogs are man's best friend, but they might also be our resident doctor. Ok, that's a bit of a stretch. However, in a German study, trained sniffer dogs identified 71 out of 100 samples with lung cancer, as well as 372 out of 400 cancer-free samples. According to the study, the dogs are able to identify volatile…


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Happy Marriage is Good for the Heart, Literally

A new study of 225 people who underwent coronary bypass surgery from 1987 to 1990 found that married people are more than twice as likely as single people to be alive 15 years after coronary bypass surgery. The research was published in the journal Health Psychology and was co-authored by Harry T. Reis, a professor of psychology at the… Continue

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Babies Benefit from Fish Oil

During pregnancy, we already know that a mother's diet can have an impact on their pregnancy. According to a Time magazine briefing, the babies of pregnant women who consumed fish oil during pregnancy were healthier than those who did not. For the study, researchers randomly gave 1,000…


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Federal Health Department Approves Free Birth Control & More

Under President Barack Obama's health care law a slew of new coverages were ruled on and approved earlier this week by the Federal Health Department, including the coverage of birth control by health insurance companies without copay. Birth control is just one element of preventive care coverage for women. Also to be… Continue

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Just 10-15 Minutes of Daily Physical Activity Reaps Health Benefits

It's time to drop the excuses for why you can't exercise. The American College of Sports Medicine has updated their exercise guidelines (the first time since 1998) and found that just 10-15 minutes will deliver health benefits. This is lower than the recommended of 150 hours per week, but the researchers found that even just a…


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Men Concerned About Sexual Performance More Likely to Cheat

A new study from the University of Guelph and researchers from Indiana University looked at how demographics, interpersonal factors and sexual personality affect infidelity. What they found was that men with sexual performance anxiety are more likely to cheat on their partners. Also, men who are risk-takers or easily sexually aroused are also more likely to wander. When it comes to women,…


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C-Section Births At An All-Time High

A new study conducted in 19 states between 2002 and 2009 found that cesarean deliveries jumped from 27 percent of births in the United States to 34 percent. The report comes from HealthGrades, a source for physician information and hospital quality outcomes. In trying to understand why the rate of c-section births have…


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When Wives Are Thinner Than Husbands Marriages are Happier

New research from the University of Tennessee looked surveyed 169 newlywed couples 35 years and younger for over four years. The researchers found that both husbands and wives were happier when the wife had a lower body-mass index (BMI) than the husband. BMI is a standard used to measure body…


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Men Who Cuddle Are 3 Times More Likely to be Happy in Relationships

Is your husband a snuggle bug? If so, there's a better chance that he's a happy camper. Researchers at Indiana University surveyed over 1,000 couples living in Japan, Brazil, Spain, Germany and the United States and found that men who frequently kissed or cuddled with their partner were three times more likely to be happy in their… Continue

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Longest Research Trial Ever Says Mammograms Reduce Deaths

A Swedish trial that followed patients for nearly three decades (29 years) revealed that those who were screened had 30 percent fewer breast cancer deaths than those who were not screened. What the researchers also found was that the longer the screening process, the better the results. In fact, researchers say the majority of the… Continue

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Botox Patients Struggle to Read Emotions

In the 1980s, a study was done which concluded that long-married couples began to resemble each other over time, especially if they were happily married. So researchers at the University of Southern California and Duke wanted to see what the results would be if one had Botox, an injection that literally interferes with nerves and paralyzes muscles. The researchers found… Continue

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Study Tracks the Influence of Infidelity

An online study by researchers at Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion, The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, and the University of Guelph surveyed 506 men, average age 33, and 412 women, average age 28, who indicated being heterosexual and in a monogamous sexual relationship. The study is the first to look at the influence of…


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Date Night Idea: Try Local Craft Beer at a Brewpub

The author of "Great American Craft Beer," Andy Crouch, has highlighted 10 spots where brewing is done on-site. If these locations are in your area, you might consider planning a date around one of these. You… Continue

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When Wives Don't Sleep, Marriage Suffers

Researchers out of the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study that found that when wives have trouble falling asleep, the quality of their relationship with their husband suffers. Meaning, both the husband and wife were reported feeling ignored or criticized the following day. Conversely, the opposite is not true when men had trouble drifting off. For the study, researchers…


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The Food Pyramid Is Out, the Food Plate Is In

For many, we understand that we need to eat better. Maybe we need to put down more vegetables or fruit and less grain. But how much? Well, the U.S. Department of Agriculture thought it would be easier for us to understand if we actually saw what the portions looked like on our plate. They have launched a new website… Continue

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Romance Writers Share Their Romance Tips for Summer

USA Today compiled a nice list of advice from various best-selling romance writers on how to boost your romance this summer. Here's what some of them said: 

Mary Jo Putney, author of…


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Home Births Jump 20%

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that between 2004 to 2008 home births increased 20% compared to their previous data dating from 1990 to 2004. In total, less than 1% of births in the U.S. occur at home. The report says that the rise was driven by white women--1 in 98 had their babies at home.…


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The Secret to a Happy Marriage May Be Knowing the Mundane

Harvard-trained psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein and student Rachel Smith just released the results of their new study that says practical skills and knowledge are more important to the overall satisfaction of a marriage than communication. For clarity, practical skills include things like paying the bills and grocery shopping, while knowledge includes knowing what dress…

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