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Daily Grind Good for Marriages

I know we've posted about the health benefits of coffee before, but we're not talking about that kind of grind. We're talking about doing chores, going to work, and so on. According to a new study out of Montclair State University, the more housework you do, the more often you're likely to have sex with your husband or wife. Moreover, more time spent in the paid work force was also linked to more sex. One of the authors of the study said that the daily grind doesn't cause the sex to… Continue

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How to Get More of What You Want From Your Honey

You: “We’re always behind because you don’t make enough money!”

Him: “I’m doing the best I can, whaddya want from me, blood?”

If it meant more money, you might just say “yes.”

Unfortunately, all you’d really get is more of what you’re getting right now – nothing.

Good managers in the workplace know that you don’t get people to perform better and produce more, by yelling at them and browbeating them. You get more from people by encouraging what… Continue

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Men Married to Smart Women Live Longer

We've all heard that on average men die younger than women. If you're a guy and that scares you, the education level of your wife may give your life expectancy a boost. A study on 1.5 million people from experts at Stockholm University (click here), examined data from the 1990 Swedish Census of the employed and found that a woman's level of education was more… Continue

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What Money Can’t Buy In a Marriage, Laughter Can

Finances are tight, you hardly go out anymore, so dinner at a restaurant with white tablecloths and candlelight is a BIG deal. You get this great coupon, finagle reservations, get yourself all dressed up (OK, so it’s last year’s fashion, or the year before, who cares), ready for a super night with your Honey.

Only when you get to “El Swanky Restaurant” the hostess informs you in a frosty tone that your coupon expired – yesterday, and no, she won’t make an exception.… Continue

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How to Get Him to Tell You He Loves You

You: “But do you love me? You never say you love me anymore.”

Him: “I’m here, aren’t I? Of course I love you. There, you satisfied now?”

No. You’re not. Duh.

You don’t want to hear “I love you” under duress. You want to hear it soulfully, longingly, preferably continuously.

Good luck.

Unless your guy happens to be extremely right-brained (like women are), or a died-in-the-wool womanizer (not a good choice), he’s unlikely to verbalize… Continue

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Only 4% of Marrieds Without Pension Have Enough for Retirement

A new report by Ernst & Young says that only 4% of middle-income married couples who don't have a pension and are nearing retirement are likely to have enough money to last their lifetime. Overall, nearly one-third of American households don't have any retirement savings, according to a McKinsey & Co. report. This article from USA Today discusses how… Continue

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Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License

What year is this? Louisiana judge, Keith Bardwell, refused to issue a marriage license to Beth Humphrey (white), 30, and Terence McKay (black), 32, out of concern for any children the couple might have. "I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way," said Bardwell. Really? Not sure there could be a more racist act than that. This is not an isolated incident according to Bardwell. When couples call them, he asks if they are mixed and tells them if they are he… Continue

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How to Stop the Yelling

You: Crying. “I hate you! You’re so mean to me!”

Him: Yelling. “You’re nothing but a nag! All you ever do is bitch!”

Oh dear. Not good. Fighting below the belt – name calling and vicious accusations. Gonna get ugly if you keep this up.

Back to the drawing board you go . . . learning to talk about what’s bothering you before it gets so heated you can’t think straight, taking a couples class on conflict-management together, agreeing on time-outs,… Continue

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ATM for Recycling Consumer Electronics

Look around, I'm sure there are some tech gadget collecting dust on a shelf near you. Perhaps an old cell phone or iPod? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, there were over 140 million cell phones sold in the U.S. in 2007, while only 10 percent of cell phones got recycled. Well, now there's an easy solution, the EcoATM. So how does it work? A customer feeds the machine an electronic device or handset, the machine analyses the device and assigns it a value. If the… Continue

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Husband and Wife Battle Breast Cancer

Literally. Husband and wife, Mike (62) and Barbara Welsh (63) of Monroe, Ohio, each had surgery this year after separate discoveries that they had breast cancer. You may be thinking, that's got to be rare? It is, with roughly 1,900 cases expected to be diagnosed this year, with about 440 men dying from the illness. Barbara has already undergone chemo and is on her way to recovery while Mike had a mastectomy on his right breast and is now considering chemotherapy and radiation. While… Continue

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The best toy for couples?

Was wondering what the best sex toy is for couples looking to spice up there romantic nights? I am looking for something we can both use and will last for awhile any ideas or thoughts hit me up, thanks.

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How to Get In The Mood When You’re Not!

You: “I’m not in the mood. Just go to sleep. I’ve got a headache.”

Him: “You’re never in the mood.” Rolls over. “Jeez, you’re giving me a headache.”

Remember the classic scene in “Annie Hall”? Where the gal tells her therapist “We have sex all the time – twice a week!” and the guy tells his therapist “We never have sex – only twice a week!”

Getting on the same “in the mood” wavelength isn’t always easy. But if you’re gonna keep your marital body and soul… Continue

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Halloween Season Looks Spooky

According to a National Retail Federation survey, consumers plan to spend an average of $56.31 on Halloween this year, down from $66.54 in 2008. Furthermore, only 62% say they plan on celebrating the holiday compared to 64.5% last year. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the holiday season, which had its worst sales in roughly 40 years. Eighty eight percent of those who were surveyed indicating they were going to spend less on Halloween this year say they're also going to spend… Continue

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Married Man's Survival Guide

Hi All - I would like to invite you to view the blog called Married Man's Survival at

This is a blog of tips and ideas some of which are included in our forthcoming book by the same name. We wilcome comments - especially from men who have been successfully married for 25 or more years. And by the way - if you have been, we would love to interview you to continue collecting success stories from men, for men on what works for us as men in a committed… Continue

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How to Be OK Doing Stuff You Don’t Like That Your Guy Does

Him: “Hockey game’s on Saturday. Wanna grab a bite before?”

You: “Sorry, Hon – I already planned something with my sister.” Mental note to self: make immediate Saturday plans with sister.

Ok, so you’re off the hook for this one, but if you don’t watch it, you may be off the hook for your marriage.

Say what? Yes! Marriage is about engaging in each other’s lives, not living separate lives under one roof.

You don’t like hockey “push, shove, blood, guts”… Continue

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Volunteer and Get Ticket to Happiest Place on Earth

In 2010, Disney is offering a free day's admission to 1 million guests who complete a day of volunteer work. They're calling it, "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" program and will provide certified volunteers with a one-day ticket to any park at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., or Walt Disney World near Orlando, Fla. A spokesperson for Disney says the promotion "very timely," because of the growing needs of nonprofits in the weak economy, as well as President Obama's national volunteering… Continue

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Just because your Spouse made you feel a certain way in the past, Does it Make it alright to make them feel the same way?

Your spouse is loving, caring and a wonderful mate, but at the same time they have done things in the past that you just can't get over. Doing to them or acting as they acted in the past to make them feel the pain or confusion you felt does not make it alright to do the same. Some may still believe in the ideal an eye for an eye, but what does this solve? Really, does it make it alright to hurt somebody emotionally just because they hurt you? Wouldn't you want them to give you enough respect to… Continue

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How to Tell Your Spouse You’re Not Getting Enough of “It”

You love your guy. He’s a sweetie, mellow, easy-going. He holds down a steady job and does his fair share of the chores – well, most of the time anyway. He’s good with the kids, doesn’t get too ripped on “guys’ night out” and still remembers your anniversary with flowers. You know women who would kill to get such a guy, so what right do you have to complain?

You squirm. You sigh. You bite a cuticle. It’s just that . . . oh boy, how to say this? You want more in the bed department. Or… Continue

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Keeping an Eye on Your Banking

Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase are ready to offer a little relief if you get charged with an overdraft. Bank of America and Wells Fargo plan to stop charging consumers who overdraw by small dollar amounts--respectively by $10 and $5--and lower the number of times, to four from 10 a day, that consumers can get hit with an overdraft fee. Most of Bank of America's changes will take effect in October while Wells Fargo is trying to figure out when the changes will take effect. Furthermore,… Continue

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Do women really hit their sexual peak mid-30s

Is it true that women reach their sexual peak in their 30s?

No, there isn’t a decade when a woman reaches her sexual peak.

Dr. Alfred Kinsey book’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Female published in 1953 started this rumor. In the 1940s Kinsey took the sex histories of over 5,000 women and found that the majority hit their sexual stride mid-thirties. As premarital sex was a no-no, by her mid-thirties a woman had been married with a few kids and was therefore less… Continue

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