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November 2012 Blog Posts (3)

Peace in Your Heart for the Holidays

“Compromise!” Your spouse says. “We’ll compromise! We’ll go to your folks for Christmas Eve, and my folks for Christmas Day. That way everybody will be happy – your family and mine.”


Yeah, you think, everybody except me!


All you want is some peace and quiet with your own husband and kids. You don’t want to be running around schlepping tired, sniveling children from one household to another. But you also don’t want to be responsible for any in-laws (yours or…


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Marriage Sex Has Benefits

Marriage sex is compared to "heat." The sun rises every morning the heat rises to warm the earth. When sex rises in your marriage, it brings a warmth that lasts a lifetime. Someday when the sun sets on your life, you will have enjoyed the heat of marriage sex.

marriage sex heat

Sex enjoyed in the marriage union shines to bring vitality to you. Marriage sex positively gives you…


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The Dog Ate My Homework: Really? Still?


Remember the good old days when you actually thought you could get away with “the dog ate my homework?” Or – updated version – “My baby sister deleted my homework with one swipe of her pureed banana fingertips”?

How well did it work then? Uh-huh. So why do you keep running the same refrain now? Because you do, you know. Only instead of trotting it out for your teacher’s benefit, you run it on yourself.

Let me explain. You really want a raise, for example. You really…


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