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September 2013 Blog Posts (3)

Turn the Tables on Your Horrible Boss: Go from Miserable to Successful!

You’re positively miserable. Your boss is a walking criticism-machine, never a supportive nod or word of thanks, regardless of how long and hard you slave at your appointed tasks. Heaven forbid anything goes wrong, ever, for even an instant, because he whips out blame with lightning speed, excoriating whoever he deems responsible, which is of course, never him--always you or another of your equally miserable co-workers.



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Warning Signs That Your Husband is About to Leave You (& What to Do)

It’s very true: Every marriage has it ups and downs.

But not all downs are part of the “norm”. Repeated periods of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, anger, frustration, hurt and disappointment, are unmistakable signs of a marriage in serious trouble.

If you are worried…


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Regain Peace of Mind: Trash Those Unwanted Thoughts!

You made up. The argument is long over; life with your sweetheart is back to normal. Except for that little nagging thought that keeps running through your brain, with the determined persistence of a hamster on a treadmill: “How could he/she do that? How could he/she say that about me in front of our friends?” Despite the countless times you’ve reminded your self that he/she not only recognized (eventually) that they were wrong for doing it (Yippee! One for your side) but also…


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