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Income Gap Between Rich and Poor Widest on Record

New Census data has been released showing that in 2009, the gap between rich and poor has grown. What that means is Americans making more than $100,000 a year (roughly the top 20 percent of income earners) received 49.4% of all income generated in the U.S.. For those below the poverty line, they earned 3.4%, meaning the ratio is 14.5-to-1—up from 13.6 in 2008 and nearly double a low… Continue

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How the Expiring Tax Cuts Affect You

If you pay attention to the news at all you've probably heard the back and forth over the expiring Bush tax cuts. What most are squabbling over are the cuts for the top richest 2%. For them, their federal taxes would return to the rate of 39.6% up from the current 35%. But what about the other 98% of the population? USA Today has put together a nice Q&A piece, with some infographics to help… Continue

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Couples With Sons Less Likely to Divorce than Couples With Daughters

Let's cut straight to the chase, parents of girls are 5 percent more likely to divorce than parents of boys. Moreover, the more daughters or boys added to the equation the greater the gap becomes. For example, if a couple had three daughters, their likelihood of divorce is 10 percent greater than a couple with three boys. This information has been around since 2003 when Gordon Dahl… Continue

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Women's Memories Last Longer than Men's

This will get some conversations going at the dining room table. The Mayo Clinic has done a study that suggests men's memories fail before women's do. The research was published in "Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology," mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is 1.5 times more likely to occur in older men than in older women (those older than 70).… Continue

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Economy Also Pushes Dip in Divorce and Infidelity

From the same report we mentioned yesterday published by the Center for Disease Control (click here), the data revealed that not only are marriages and births down, but so too is divorce. In fact, the divorce rate is at its lowest point since the early 1970s. In fact, the divorce rate per 1,000 married women sank to… Continue

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Marriage Rates and Birth Rates at All-Time Lows

The American family has seen booms and busts. Like the economy itself, we're currently in a marriage and birth-rate decline. In fact, since the economic downturn began in 2008, marriage and birth rates in the U.S. have fallen to all-time lows according the U.S. Department of Health and Services. It's a dramatic cooling off from the highest birth rate in U.S. history in 2007, when 4.3 million babies… Continue

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Breast Feeding is Good for Moms

Scientists led by Dr. Eleanor Schwarz of the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study among a group of 2,233 women ages 40 to 78 who breast-fed their newborns were half as likely to develop Type 2 diabetes 30 years later compared to mothers who used formula. Their explanation for this remarkable drop is that breast feeding can help new mothers drop pregnancy pounds, most of which around the abdomen… Continue

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