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May 2013 Blog Posts (5)

Want Success? Focus on What Works!

You’re annoyed with yourself. Very. Downright angry, now that you think about it. You vowed last month you’d stick to your diet and slim down for the summer, and here you are, berating yourself over that double fudge extravaganza you pigged out on last night.


Which wouldn’t be so bad except for the caramel-vanilla ice cream delight you fell prey to the week before. And oh! There’s that whipped ream…


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80's Music Videos Mashup

The 1980's was the advent of the music video.  This combination of art and marketing became a mandatory marketing tool for any artist hoping to be successful.  We have assembled several 80's music videos for your entertainment at

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SoulVisionTV Movie Mashup

SoulVisionTV Movie Mashup


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Social Security Data Reveals Top 10 Most Popular Baby Names of 2012

Do you watch Game of Thrones on HBO? If you thought Arya would be a good name for a girl, the name of one of the main characters, you might light to know that it had the biggest jump in popularity within the top 500 names. However, it didn't crack the top 10. 

According to Social Security data, here were the top 10…


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Are You Eating Your Heart?

A car cuts you off in traffic. Worse than that, it zig-zags in and out of lanes, putting innocent folks (you) at risk. You’re irritated, aggravated, you declaim loudly what a fool this driver is. Where’s a cop when you need one?!…


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The longest running ever has revealed that our personality changes so much that in life that you might look like a completely different person from when you were 14 to 77 years old. What does this mean for your marriage? Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.

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