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For the last decade the Wedding has been the “thing”.  Marriage has become a byproduct of the pomp and circumstances of outlandish vow trading ceremonies.  We all know about the Kim K. /K. Humphries televised event.  Recently a newsmagazine did a story about an 800 pound bride who was getting the final fitting for her wedding dress.  And there was the story about the couples in China who got married underwater in a marine museum.


It seems that a lot of people are spending a…


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More Red Lights Run on Memorial Weekend Than Any Other Holiday Weekend

Be safe this weekend! A new report by the National Coalition for Safer Roads found that more than 2.3 million drivers in 18 states ran a red light last year, and the number of scofflaws was more than 27% higher on Memorial Day weekend than on an average non-holiday weekend. The reason, according to this …


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TV Production Company Seeking Blended Family

We got an e-mail the other day from Red Varden Studios asking if we could help spread the word about a casting search for, "This generation’s wilder, more entertaining Brady Bunch." We are not affiliated with this company, we are merely passing along information. With that said, if you're…


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My husband Cheated on Me – How Do I Live Through the Painful Emotions?

You keep hearing it in your head but you still can’t believe it. “My husband cheated on me“. Is this a nightmare that I’ll soon wake up from and forget? Did this happen to ME?

When you first found out that your spouse had an affair, the sense of betrayal…


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This Summer, Become an Internet Video Star!

If you and your spouse are looking for something to do this summer (perhaps career change, maybe a taking a passionate hobby more seriously, or reach a larger customer base online for your personal business), then we may have found an opportunity for you. We were contacted by Frank Chindamo, Adjunct Professor from the School of Cinematic Arts at USC who informed us that the university is now offering a summer class…


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What Marriage is All About

Do we really know what traditional marriage is all about?  Here is a link that may shed some light on the subject.

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