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Wife Wants One-Way Ticket to Mars (Really), Husband Shares His Thoughts

Sonia Van Meter is a wife and stepmother who has made the semifinalist list to join a crew on a one-way trip to Mars in the attempt to establish a permanent human colony there. From over 200,000 applicants, Sonia is now just one of 1,058 remaining for the Mars One mission. Her husband, Jason Stanford, has written a…


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Income Inequality Grows Lockstep With Education For Married Couples

According to a team of economists headed by Jeremy Greenwood of the University of Pennsylvania, the more educated people are, the more likely they are to be married to a partner of similar education. Those with less education are also likely to be married to a spouse with less education. Back in the 1960s that might not have been too…


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Not Sweet: Low Blood Sugar May Damage Marriage

New research out of The Ohio State University studied 107 married couples, using voodoo dolls to track how angry spouses felt toward each other for three weeks. Every night before bed and every morning the couples would have their blood glucose measured (i.e., blood sugar level). Those who poked the voodoo doll most to express their anger toward their spouse were those with the lowest glucose…


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There's A Good Liklihood Jesus Was Married

A fragment of papyrus that was originally revealed to the world in 2012 has been undergoing tests to validate its authenticity. The scientists have done their studies and the verdict is in: the papyrus is ancient. While the age of the document is all fine and good, it's what is written on it that makes it so…


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Marriage Benefits Extend to The Elder Scrolls Online

It seems being married has its benefits in the virtual world as it does in the real world. If you're an online gamer you know that earlier this month Bethesda released the latest in the Elder Scrolls saga with The Elder Scrolls Online. Within the new role-playing game (in the Imperial Edition only) characters can get married and with that…


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Episode 587: Loneliness Within Marriage

Even if you're in isolation with your spouse doesn't mean that you still can't be lonely. Dr. Karen Sherman joins to discuss how this is possible, what this means and how to address feeling lonely in marriage.

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