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49 Years of Marriage, Husband Gives Anniversary Gift of $1 for Every Day Married

After 49 years together Arthur Schumacher is still able to surprise his wife Jeanette. Arthur spent nearly a day traveling all over the area emptying the local banks of their $1 bill stashes. He even went 40 miles out of town before he finally accumulated over 150 bundles of $1 bills, totaling $17,885. Arthur isn't supposed to drive so their daughter drove him…


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Newspaper Publishes Wrong Lotto Numbers, Couple Thinks They Won Millions

It sounds like a cruel joke, but one Colorado couple is not laughing. Jim and Dorothy Sprague woke up Sunday morning and checked their Lotto numbers that matched exactly what was published in the paper. For a short while, they believed they were millionaires. More precisely, they believed they had won the $4.3 million jackpot. The couple had already started to tell some family… Continue

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Husband Gives Wife First-Ever Mosquito-Born STD

When you're a researcher going on excursions in the name of science, you know that your spouse must be an understanding person. For Brian Foy, his wife deserves her own excursion that comes with cocktails poolside. Foy and his research partner, Kevin Kobylinski, were in West Africa researching malaria in 2008. Both were bitten numerous times and became ill, which…


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Half of Men Don't Go to the Doctor

A national survey of 519 men, commissioned by Esquire magazine found that 50% of men ages 18 to 50 don't have a primary-care physician, and a third haven't had a checkup in more than a year. Moreover, 40% of men in their 40s have never had their cholesterol tested and 70% have never had a prostate exam. The study…


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The Secret to a Happy Marriage: Irrational Optimism

Scientists at the University of Buffalo followed 222 newlyweds through their first three years of marriage and found that the spouses who idealized their partners were happier than those who went into their union with a more accurate impression. This means they saw their spouse as fitter, smarter, kinder or wittier than they really were. It reminds us of that Jerry Seinfeld routine where he describes how men, no matter how poorly they behave, end up with women anyway…and that women think,…


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Episode 587: Loneliness Within Marriage

Even if you're in isolation with your spouse doesn't mean that you still can't be lonely. Dr. Karen Sherman joins to discuss how this is possible, what this means and how to address feeling lonely in marriage.

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