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February 2010 Blog Posts (27)

Biological Clock Ticks Faster Than Women Realize

A study published by… Continue

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$15 Gift Card - Online Survey of Military Couples After Deployment

Have you returned home from deployment during the past six months? Military personnel are needed to complete an online questionnaire about romantic relationships after deployment.…


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Week #11--All About Him Valentine Month

Week #11 Six Month Sex Challenge: It’s an all about my husband Valentine’s month—so we’re trying guy sex stuff.

Lesson I learned from last week: Learning to love my body won’t be as simple as buying a new set of lingerie. But at least I’ve made a start.

All-about-him Valentine’s month

In honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to treat my sweetheart (that… Continue

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A Green Valentine's Gift Guide

Are you looking to celebrate the upcoming holiday in an environmentally friendly manner? The folks over at have put together a slideshow of ideas that will allow you to celebrate Valentine's with a clear conscious. Among their ideas include organic wine, a photo album using recycled Scrabble pieces, a sustainably-grown… Continue

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The Foxes and The Rabbits


The Foxes and The Rabbits

Several years ago something mysterious happened in Canada. The rabbit population had diminished drastically. Intrigued by this, scientists searched for an explanation. Although they thought the drop in the number of rabbits must have been caused by an illness, they could not indentify any. A few years later, scientists again noticed something unexplainable: The rabbit population increased. Adding to their perplexity,… Continue

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The Walkaway Wife Syndrome


Did you know that of the over one million marriages that will end in divorce this year, two thirds to three quarters of those divorces will be filed for by women? What is this so-called, "Walk-away Wife" syndrome all about?

In the early years of marriage, women are the relationship caretakers. They carefully monitor their relationships to make sure there is enough closeness and connection. If not, women will do what they can to try to fix things. If their husbands aren't… Continue

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Are You Guilty of the Valentine’s Day Pout?

You know exactly what you want for Valentine’s Day. You’ve dropped hints as in “Gosh, I’ve heard that new restaurant on Main is soooo romantic. I’d love to go there sometime” while batting your eyelashes. You’ve commented “Roses are so old-school. Tulips are my new fav – fantastic colors!” You’ve sighed over the designer bag in the window, squeezed his hand and said “Oh, that would go so well with my new outfit!”

So where are you on Valentine’s Day? Freezing your tush off on a… Continue

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