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Couple Who Refer to Themselves as "We" are Happier

A new study conducted by new study from the University of California, Berkeley says that couples who used the words, "we," "us," and "ours" were more happy than couples who said "I," "me," or "you." Researchers analyzed 154 middle-aged and older married couples talking about disagreements and the couples using… Continue

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Oracle Co-President Outed by Mistress on Billboards

It seems that a week doesn't go by when a high-profile person isn't outed for their infidelities. This week it's the co-president of tech behemoth Oracle, Charles Phillips. YaVaughnie Wilkins seems to be a scorned mistress out for revenge and decided to put up billboards in New York, San Francisco and Atlanta, according to this article from Gawker, featuring a smiling picture of Wilkins and Phillips. In addition, Wilkins also launched a website that housed a photo album of the… Continue

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Who Benefits Most from Marriage, Men or Women?

It used to be that a woman needed to marry a man for financial security, etc. How times have changed. A new study by Pew Research Center taking data from the Census between 1970 and 2007 revealed that more women today have college degrees than men. Additionally, women's earnings grew 44% from 1970 to 2007, compared with 6% for men. However, men on average still make more. Census data… Continue

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Joints Prefer High Heels Over Running Shoes

Not sure if this report is good news or bad news. D. Casey Kerrigan of JKM Technologies LLC led research overseeing 68 young adult runners, 37 of them women say that the strain on your joints from running in running shoes is worse than wearing high heels. They observed their running motions on a treadmill in running shoes with all of them running at least 15… Continue

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The Mental Health of Army Wives

In the largest study ever done on the emotional impact of war on Army wives, it was found that wives of soldiers sent to war suffered significantly higher rates of mental health issues than those whose husbands stayed home. The rates were higher among wives whose husband deployed longer than 11 months; meaning if the husband was deployed between one and 11 months the wife had an 18% higher… Continue

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Should You Treat Your Marriage Like a Business?

BusinessWeek just ran a column discussing this very topic, which offered some interesting things to think about and some new marriage stats. For example, it says:

Every business owner or entrepreneur knows that retaining customers is more profitable than continually having to attract new ones. The best way to do that is to deliver value through great products backed with world-class service. When it comes to marriage and family, you are the product. At some…

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French Law Bans 'Psychological Violence' in Marriage

"It's an important step forward, as the creation of this offense will allow us to deal with the most insidious situations--situations that leave no visible scars, but which leave victims torn up inside," said Francois Fillon, France's prime minister. What he's referring to is a new law that will go into effect later this year that says spouses who resort to "psychological violence" could be criminally… Continue

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