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Although I'm new to this I find myself growing as a caring and lucky man. My question to all that answer is when is it enuff? You see those who have read my last discussion know whats up. Now she is attempting to find a way back, even though right now we are at each others throats at 15hours a day. I dont want to hear any more DRAMA so kan anyone out there give me a clue as to wheen its time to just say SHUT UP AND WALK AWAY (politely that is)

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Depends on the person and the situation. You asked in your last posting "HOW CAN I REGAIN WHAT I ONCE HAD WITH HER?" and I will say will never have what you once had. Yesterday is in the past and today is today, live for what you can have tomorrow. Life, relationships, your career all take work and an extreme amount of effort. WALKING AWAY (as you put it) is nothing but another way of running. Giving up is easy to do, but if you were to do this at work you most likely wouldn't have a job. This outcome would be the same for a relationship and in life. I can say this from first hand knowledge and experience. When I gave up everything for my wife to be happy, everything in my life that made me feel that I had accomplished something. I quit my job (which I could have retired at) and gave up my place of comfort (Living in Florida) in order to make my wife happy and be near her parents. We spent all my savings and my retirement to start over some place else, where she was happy living and I was not. In the end this was my choice to make the change. I know where the situation would have ended up if I would have stayed in Florida and it isn't what I wanted. After moving I got a decent job but slowly started giving up. I gave up at my job and lost my job, then I gave up on life and my marriage. I fell into a state of depression and was given a bunch of medications to help me through it. I almost lost both my life and my marriage, until I manned up and started to realize what have done and what I was doing. I took myself off my meds, clearing my head and allowing me to think, and then it was all clear. Happiness is a decision and everything is mental. Drama gets old real quick, but this is an excuse not a reason. The anger you have felt is just that anger. What good comes from getting angry about something you feel you can't change? Anything can be what you want it to be, all you have to do is think it and it will be. The mind is a powerful tool and can be used to learn, help, or hurt.


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