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What To Do When A Husband Says He Loves You and Wants to Stay Married but....

you continue to find evidence of flirting with other women. (And that's the stuff that I have found.  Afraid of what I don't know)  Unfortunately I've seen this time and time again.  Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl and then Boy flirts incessantly with other women but claims he wants the marriage to work. How could it be?  How should the I handle the situation. 


Marriage is on the rocks.  Find evidence of my husband trying to make plans to spend time with other women (a la overnight stays out of town).  I call it quits, he begs no don't end it, it was just a rouse and that he really wants the marriage to work. Go to counseling.  He promises not to see other women and I promise not to snoop.  However, we leave counseling and we both continue the same harmful actions.  I threaten to end it again.  Even pack my bags this time and leave.  He continues to claim that it's this marriage he wants.  Of course he makes claims that he's never cheated. 


Now I find that he's made plans for walks in the park with one woman and has continue communication with another after I requested he breaks is off.  So what am I supposed to do now? How do I make lemonade out of these lemons...divorce or fight for marriage?   How can we possibly overcome this issue?

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All i can say is make shore you go for a walk in the park at the same time stumble across them this will make him sh*it himself and put her off the idea of cheating with low life scum
Hi Nicole:

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