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Hello I am new here but my problem is too old , i am married for 2 year and 4 other years we were lovers, what happened to me i still can not believe. He was with another woman during all the time, and now she claims that as a daughter with him, our boy is 1 year old, i do not know what to do , she writte me all the time, i havr no peace in my life, my husband seems to be repented but this do not help me a lot, i am suffering my marriage is going to ruin. He claims that he love me and wany to spend his life with me but the answer is how is possible to love someone and to have relation with another i do not know what to do o believe.

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Can anyone share any experience with me or help me to take the big decision ?

I've just finished a post that answers your question exactly and in detail, I think it can really help you:

Sorry that is not you think he would have lived a dishonest life if he did. I would file a divorce in a heartbeat, you deserve much better than that!

It is a pity your husband behaved that way. The bitter truth is that the problem may have been caused by you because if you have been dening him s*x at any point, that may have pushed him outside into the hand of another woman.

However, you may not be the cause, but what happened was that all the time he was dating you before you got married, he was as well dating her. Eventually, he choose d you for marriage but may not to have broken totally from the other lady. By the way  how old is the daughter? .How do you know if she is telling the truth?. The truth is that she may be eying your husband and is therefore trying to cause you pain as to leave your husband.

This matter need to be dealt with one on one so try to contact me through my e mail. The reason been that if i post the solution here, the other lady in question may ready it and counter your action.

In other words, you need to ask your husband the truth of the matter, whether what the other lady is saying is true? Did your husband accept been responsible  for the daughter in question? The other lady may be pulling your leg.

Please visit the website  you may find one or two articles there very helpful. 

e fully advocate you taking as much time as you need for yourself. That being said, the longer you draw out that process, the more prone you are to unnecessarily escalating the situation. “The sad trap that women fall into when they find out that their guy cheated on them is to start obsessing about what they did wrong or what they could have done to make their guy not want to cheat. This becomes a never-ending downward spiral of self-doubt. When you do confront him it has to be from a position of strength not desperation,” says Dr. Lieberman. In order to come away stronger from your time apart, be sure to use it productively. Critically assess your relationship, rather than falsifying every detail of the tumultuous affair you assume your guy was having.
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Even though the love spell worked for Jessica, as a marriage counsellor, I will never accept or counsel any woman to use spell or love portion on a man. The reason is that the negative consequences in the long run out ways the benefits as every spell has an expiration date. If you use a spell on a man and if the man later finds out, he may run away from you. Please read this article;

Hi Vale, I'm so sorry to hear that :( Don't know if you're still in this situation but I just joined the forum and have advice.

My first marriage didn't end with physical infidelity or a second family, but there was certainly an emotional affair happening (which, can be harder than a physical one, in some cases). My world crumbled and I didn't think I would find it in myself to move on. Although at times I almost lost the will to live, I knew that I could not commit the rest of my life to a man who was able to carry on a second connection, while we had lives and children between the two of us. The legal proceedings took forever and cost so much, but even at that it was worth it. I've done some research and maybe this could work for you, or something similar? Again it is with deep sorrow that you have to handle this. Look inside of yourself to find strength. 

Thank God the spell worked for you. However I wish to point out one thing, “every spell has an expiration date” when the spell expires or the man receives deliverance from that spell, he may still leave you unless you take care of what caused him to leave you n the first place. To employ someone to cast a spell on another person is counterproductive in the long run even though it may work in the short run.  

am a husband. I got married 2 years ago, 2 years ago right before one month I found another girl. I was fall in love with her. my marriage was very near and I was fall in love with another girl. so I have decided to kill my fillings and I got married with my fiance. but I could not forget my new love. I have tried many times to break my feelings for my new love and I tried many times to give love to my wife but am always failed. I cannot divorce my wife because of some family problems. am suffering in a suffocating condition from last two years. 


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