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Recently was my Husband and I's fifth year anniversary and he asked me to discontinue my birth control. He did not directly come out and say that he wanted a family but I knew what this meant :). I came straight out and asked "does this mean you want to start a family?" He said he did not know. We both tend to second guess ourselves when it comes to starting a family because we don't view ourselfs as being a "Mother" and "Father". I have to admit the idea still frightens me. I have stopped and we officially trying but don't want to ruin the experience of sex by making it about trying to concieve. I'm 27 years old and feel like this is a perfect time to reproduce but I'm still terrified with the idea of being a Mommy. Also bill and mortgage ahhhh! Did you mothers feel this way with your first child?


God Bless,

Shanae Fox

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My oldest just started college this year, but I still remember the times you are talking about like it was yesterday. It seems there's never a perfect time to start a family. But, it is best to discuss this before disgarding the birth control. Babies are awesome and such a blessing. But you have to be prepared for the changes that occur once a bundle arrives. (that doesn't mean you have to take the fun out of the baby making.)

Will you be a stay at home mom or would you go back to work? If you go back to work, who will watch the baby?

It's great to be spontaneous sometimes, but trust me when I say if you don't discuss some things before hand it will just cause you some problems later on. Your husband may assume things will go a certain way, and you may have something entirely different in your head. Having a new baby brings on stress in marriage at times (for everyone) and talking about things before the time comes is greatly beneficial to all three of you.

I never felt that way, in fact I couldnt wait to have a baby.  It is scary.  I now have four kids and dont know why i did as the world is so screwed up I am feeling guilty about it.  lol.  I wouldnt give them up for anything in the world, but it sure makes you wonder.  You will more than likely be a good parent as all you need is to love them and make sure to keep them safe.  It kicks in naturally.  If you do have a baby, cherish every moment and take tons of pictures.  It really does go by fast. 



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