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I understand how Women want a little Romance, but what ever happened to the Women Romancing the Guy.

Sorry I am just a little frustrated lately how I bend over backwards for my wife, but then again I don't get anything in return.

What's your thoughts....

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Some women have different ways of being romantic. Maybe she keeps your house beautiful, takes care of your children well, and cooks lovely meals for you?

When you come home, you might like to give your wife a loving long hug, appreciate what she has done today, look into her eyes, and give her a heart felt compliment. This will help her feel appreciated and will help to open up her heart. When a woman's heart is open they are usually naturally romantic. From that space, it is easier for her to come to you - to caress you, hug you, and start the sexual connection. A woman cannot go straight from the head to the bed - she needs to go through the heart.

Many men don't realize that romancing a woman is as much (if not more, at times) about helping her feel loved and appreciated - without the pressure to have sex. If she feels truly loved and appreciated, she is much more likely to romance you too!

There may, of course, be deeper reasons for her lack of interest, and you may want to start on a path of healing together with someone you both feel comfortable with. Good luck.


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The way a woman treats a man depends on how well she is maintaining herself (physically and hygienically). There is an issue if the way she is treating herself is a lot better than she is treating you. Otherwise most of the time everything is good. So see if she is giving everything to you as she can rather than everything equal to your efforts. You will know the math. '

All in my opinion,
It all depends on the nature of your woman. Every woman has its own way to get romantic and even every man has its own way to get romantic. Understanding between each other is must for better romance.Healthy lifestyle is necessary for better romance. Try to be healthy and be happy for better relationships.For more here


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