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how do you move on and forget betrayal in your marriage to stay in love?

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it depends on the type of betrayal. I recommend communication and forgiveness in marriage.Learn to say you are sorry and realy feel sorry about what you may have done to make your partner angree. The other partner should forgive and forget sincerely. That didnot mean that you should always betral your partner porposely just because you are always forgiven.
I do agree that it is a lengthy and difficult process of acceptance and understanding. With good communication, hard work and outside help the marriage can be back on track. Here is an article that might help you out: Keeping Love Alive During Marriage Crisis.
I personally can't imagine. what's the story, I mean, why was tehre cheating?
is there ever really a "reason" or "excuse" for cheating?? it's a betrayal of trust and leaves you with constant pain and hurt there's never a reason. if either ever feels attracted or begins to fall out of love, misses an ex or just wants the attention from others then have the decentcy and respect to do that alone and not in a relationship to avoid hurting and scarring the other person.
Lots and lots of prayer and time. And also depending on the magnitude of the betrayal will you be able to fully recover and how long will you need to heal. FORGET. I don't think so. Forgive. Eventually weather you chose to move on or not.


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