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My wife and I have had a open marriage for over ten years, we been swinging together and we both enjoy it, What i can not understand my wife will Orgasm with other men but not with me no matter how much time i put into our sex time, i am above avarage size and she go with men who are small and old and young and they all make her Orgasm so why can I

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My wife and I have just opened our marriage recently, and although I haven't run into the problem you face, she has told me a little secret: the anticipation alone of being with another man, a different partner provides extra stimulation. It is very possible your wife may be more stimulated with other men than she is with you and I'm sure its nothing personal. Its simply because of the least that is what my wife claims.

I'm sure I didn't help you out with this, but if it still continues to bother you, why not ask her about it?

I am certainly the opposite of a sex-expert--I am really uncomfortable "swinging"--- but I'll give my opinion. Would she orgasm if she were not married to or with you at the same swinging place? Perhaps the idea of cheating and doing the forbidden is arousing to her. Why don't you ask her why she doesn't with you?

Or perhaps you have made her somehow anxious with you. For example, have you ever (not even recently) made her feel unattractive or unexciting sexually or physically. Perhaps she has hostility towards you as I think my wife does.

My wife has never orgasmed with me except those times in my presence when we fool around with others (doing that is her idea she got from somewhere, not mine). It depresses me to think about what she likes.


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