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my wife fall out of love with me and i want that back

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Thats a tough one. Sometimes when I'm not feeling the love, I try and reinvent myself by doing little things that she would never expect like surprise date nights or participating in something she likes but I don;t really care for.

I know it;s also important to open up the doors of communication and ask what's on her mind. It sounds tough, but that's the best way, IMO, to get things going in the right direction.

Hope this helps
ys it did and thank you we are talk more and i have been reading something from here but i am new to the woman feelings thing
and if it get to that point can it be save or am i just wastting my time and need to let her go
she said she will do it
well she yes its over now you was rite about her exs but the bad part is im stuck in the house with herim in school and i move from my state for her so in its like im a ghost here there are a part of me her kidz and her im here til may i have no friends here or famliy and when there all here i just want to leave but have nowhere to go
Try or for some more research.
what happened?


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