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There are several Keys to a mutually fulfilling relationship including marriage.

1. Respect

2. Open and Honest Communication

3. Clear Expectations

4. Trust

5. Commitment

6. Love


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Love and trust are certainly important aspects - and there are others of elements of "emotional safety" that I think are really important to consider:

  • respect
  • feeling heard
  • validation
  • empathy

None of the above is not possible without good, open communication.

The bottom line is you want to feel as though you can turn to your partner for shelter.  You want to be confident they have your back.  All sorts of issues arise with couples where one or both do not feel this way.  This is most of what my couples therapy is about - helping people rebuild their connections, trust -  and work through old wounds (resentments). 


Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT

Author The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples

Those are part of the key to a happy marriage.  Respect and communication are also important.  But don't forget to always pursue each other.  Plan dates for each other and do little sweet things to show that you care and that you are still "in to" the other person.

These are by-products of a healthy relationship. If you target them, they become very elusive. 

So learn how to develop your own qualities within your marriage. Then determine the best way to serve your spouse's needs. As you serve his or her, you will find that love and trust are growing in your relationship.Imagine love and trust as a composite of your life and not a target to seek after.

The other word which develops is intimacy. Intimacy is a bonding of your lives through positive life experiences. As you engage each other in romantic experiences - dating, holding hands, talking about your life expectations, etc. you will develop a closer tie with each other.

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