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How do you tell your spouse that their parents stay too long when they come to visit? 3-4 weeks at a time. That's too long and I think everyone knows it's too long but every year, that's what happens. Help! While I enjoy seeing them, it's too long-plain and simple. How can this be addressed without hurting everyone involved?

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Discuss it with you husband, but keep it calm and explain that you need to express your feelings on the subject. There is no easy way around this discussion, but your husband needs to know how you feel. Follow your own advice and communicate--about all of it! The most important thing to remember is to try not to say anything negative and stay calm, no matter what is said.
Hi Sara:

Thank you for your question. We have actually written about this exact topic in the article Overstaying Their Welcome. In the article, the grandparents only plan on staying for two weeks and that's too much for that reader. Yes, 3-4 weeks is a long time. The article offers several tips on how to approach the topic with your husband. Keith is right, communication is key. I hope this article helps.


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