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How Will An Obama Presidency Change Marriage in America?

We're going to be covering this issue in an upcoming article and want to get your thoughts on what the new president can/will do that will affect marriage in America.

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Maybe he'll help push movement to let gays and lesbians marry. I think having a couple with young children in the White House again will make people further associate 'real marriage' with kids, however, so that may balance out. Mostly, I wonder if it will help change society's view of black couples = unmarried, and whether it will change the view of 'acceptable' or 'normal' to 'married' for black Americans who are interested in having children.

Additionally, having a black President may make people see black men as less threatening, which might reduce law enforcement focus/stereotypes, leading to more young black men being available to get married. Rght now, the imprisonment rate for young black men is much, much higher, not really due to matching difference in crime rates, but because of bias in the system. Maybe the Obama presidency will change race relations enough that some of that decreases - we can hope.

More than just marriage, though, I find that minorities are responding differently to me and to my husband since the election. More are going out of their way to be friendly with us; or being more responsive when we try to be friendly/polite. I'm in the midwest, wonder what it must be like in the South. Anyone else experiencing that?


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