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How to Spark Up a Relationship - By the End of the Day

We always say that our relationship is a priority, but keeping the spark in our love life too often ends up at the bottom of our to-do list.

We need fast and easy ways to spark a relationship. It’s really hard to make it through years of coupledom without losing interest, love or attraction for one another, especially if you have constant and stressful financial problems and a few demanding (yet adorable) children to raise.

The Result?

Between working, keeping a clean home, cooking and sometimes raising children, the romance in the relationship evaporates. No hugging, no kissing, a boring and predictable sex life, and all too often – Constant fighting.

Before you know it, you start being afraid that your man will start to look elsewhere. That he will cheat, that he already has. That your relationship is in serious danger.

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Spark a Relationship

We’ve all read the same old tips and advice about bringing the spark back to a relationship: Schedule time for hugging, date nights, sexy lingerie, romantic homemade dinners and what not.

In other words, more work. Really…who has time to make a gourmet romantic dinner every week? How many sexy baby dolls do I have to buy from now on? Do these things even work?

I think that the modern way of life requires a modern way to spark a relationship. Easier, faster and more effective...

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