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Am writing this comment with a grateful heart. to testify of my dealing with dr. aziz. a vodouists  , who helped to save my marriage. My beloved husband had no time for me and the kids, he pays more attention to his mistress than he do to his own wife and kids, sometimes i would want to file for divorce but after contemplating on it , i would change my mind because i don't want my kids to have a broken family. i was out of idea on how to make my marriage a happy one, so i thought of getting spiritual help, because the spiritual actually controls the physical. i had to check online for a spell caster to help me save my marriage, but i did not get any useful solution for all they where after was my money. i almost gave up on everything and just keep enduring all the pains my husband was causing me.on one faithful morning i had a call from my mom , and i told him about my predicament , on how my husband sex starve me, and pay no attention to the kids, then she came up with my very last idea on contacting a vodouist , this time she directed me to a man called (dr Aziz) on , i contacted him, and he told me not to even worry he will handle it, he sent some materials for me and how i should use them, surprisingly i saw changes in my husband after 3 night of doing as he instructed me. it was like a miracle,in fact it was a miracle, i never knew my husband to be romantic , until after casting the vodou spell, he said he was not in his right mind was even begging for  forgiveness . it was all funny to me at first but later i realize that it was the work of the vodou spell.

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Episode 481: Give Your Spouse the Benefit of the Doubt

It's sometimes difficult to reconcile, but our spouse is on our side and isn't trying to be vindictive in their actions. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how to give them the benefit of the doubt and how that will improve your marriage.

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