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June is traditionally wedding month.  Thousands of couples will go through the ritual of engagement, wedding, and reception to visualize to the world that they have joined together as one.  But what about the marriage?  In most instances couples marry because they have decided to love, respect and commit to each other for as long as they both shall live.  But somehow that tends to get lost among the over-the-top proposals, the extravagant weddings, and the lavish receptions.  These celebratory events have their place, but have very little to do with a successful marriage.


I believe couples should spend as much time, or more, planning the marriage as they do planning a wedding.  Long before a wedding proposal is given, there should be real discussion about what the marriage means to each partner.  Before a vow is repeated, there should be a clear understanding about what each person expects from the marriage, and is willing to give.  Before the cake is cut, couples should address how they will traverse the push and pulls, and ups and downs that the marriage will produce.  It seems as though some couples think the marriage doesn’t start until after the honeymoon, but the foundation for a successful marriage begins with open, honest communication long before a wedding is even contemplated,


Proposals, weddings, and receptions are but a passing fancy, but marriage is forever.  Enjoy the pomp and circumstances, but don’t forget about the marriage.




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