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Interesting, I have come across few websites indicating that they help getting divorced without hiring a legal attorney. Is that true? Can someone enlighten me on this? I need to get divorced as I have a bad family life but at the same time, I would like to not get stuck in many legal issues.

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I think it would be good if you can find the right attorney. Some of them do not charge for the initial consultation, so you need to confirm if there is the charge when you set the appointment for your first visit. I am just not focusing on money but you should not lose your savings just to get divorced. I recently had the same issue but found a interesting resource and would like to share with you. You can try (Insert Website Name) and hope they can help you. All the best.
Hi. Yes, many courts now have self hep websites. More and more people are doing do it yourself or pro se divorce. Contact your jurisdication and find out if they have self help resources. I mdified on divorce on my own successfully and annlued another. Maybe doing no 3 soon and that is an international issue. I have been reading up on that. : _

I am going to give you the american bar association website who may have resources you can use. Good luck.

See family law

This link should help you find your states courts as well.
In my state-Mississippi-if both parties are in agreement the divorce can take place quickly and with very little money. There are software and packets at Office Depot that have all the paperwork needed and all you have to do is pay the court cost. The one stipulation is that you must be physically seperated(although not legally-MS doesn't recognize legal seperation) for at least 60 days. But be careful-when I got divorced from my first spouse I had an attorney draw up the paperwork ($500)-and if my husband had signed them that would have been all the cost-he agreed to do just that-until he got mad-then he refused to sign them-dragging it on for six months-costing $1000.00's of dollars-only to end up signing the same da... agreement in the end.!
Be careful and good luck!
My opinion, Stop and Think. Quit Fighting. If there are Children envolved. "Think about them". Don't embarrass yourself, nor your Children. See, if it's possible WHETHER the other individual would split all bills. I know it may be hard , not always easy. That's why it's important to communicate. IT'S SAD YOU'RE THINKING YOUR FAMILIES LIFE'S BAD. YOU KNOW, CHEER UP. IT WILL GET BETTER. NOTE, IF INDIVIDUAL'S WOULD LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE W/EACH OTHER. DIVORCES WOULDN'T BE AS BAD AS THEY GET.


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