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My husband read what I posted the other day, and tells me that he does not want our "dirty laundry" out there on the net. He also feels that my story was very one sided..... so in a nutshell, what I thought was going to be therapeutic for me has turned out to be a reason why my husband won't talk to me tonight and went upstairs at 820 to be alone ( I assume) So much for that effort.

Thanks to all of you who replied
bye.... :(

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That's too bad. Will you be leaving forever?
Maybe change your screen name and don't let him know what it is? I'm not trying to encourage you to be secretive, but remind him that these boards are basically anonymous, unless you choose to let people know who you are.
firwt off, use a different nic and hid the pics. that way he may not know you are stll on.
you can delete your history as well. my current spouse did that yet he kept talking to other people he met online, women and yet he wanted me to end two 20 plus friendships that even my ex spouse knew of. my spouse ow things i am one sided. but one time he flipped out on me, i was living with him in canada, and i was on the phone with th us embassy who heard him. the made me stay on the phone, and another man on the other end of the phone said he sounds like a control freak. yes, he is. men like this think in many ways that they are morally and historically ok in thier actions. that we the women are just to full of ourselves.


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