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I just published an article about Letterman's workplace affair on Hitched. Would love to hear your thoughts about why that all went down. Workplace affairs

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ol' david letterman didnt do anything wrong, other than having a relationship with an employee. my way of thinking is that neither was married, involved, or engaged. they are both adults, they were consenting adults, and they both wished to keep it under wraps.

they had a little bit of a trist and both seemed to enjoy it.

what was the harm, what laws did they break, what did they really do wrong?
David, I would agree with you, if neither had any vows of exclusivity to someone else it should be a non-issue. But David Letter is MARRIED or at least he was up till this point. I am not sure his wife would think as you do.

Brett- Mr. Marriage
from my understanding, at the time of the trist neither one was married, engaged, or involved with anyone else.
letterman is now married, but he had his boy several years ago and was not married to the boys mom. i suppose it was more of a business agreement than anything else.

as for whether letterman is now getting a divorce; i cant see this being a problem. being married to a comic has to be one of the toughest jobs a spouce can have. red skelton was married many times sometimes to the same woman. they loved each other but his sense of humor drove her up the wall.

so if he is divorcing, there are a great deal of reasons for that to happen. you know that yourself.




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