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Approaching the 3rd Year of Marriage, but Im already feeling unloved!

I am afraid my husband is falling out of love from me. Since our marriage, I have always been trying to please him but it seems he doesnt care to appreciate everything. I always want to be with him but he is too occupied taking care of his parents, sisters and friends. I confronted him but he always says I am just being paranoid and left me wondering if I am being so selfish and that these so called existing problem of mine is caused by my own doing. Well in fact 90% f my time is spent with him or for him.

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It is unfortunate that you find yourself in such a situation with your husband because it takes two to tango. Any marriage whose love is one sided is bound to collapse either now or the future. However, never loose hope or give up, but be yourself and do what is right toward your husband.

Most cases, the above situation is caused by when one of the parties start seeing another man/woman, so don't rule out a third party that is an influence on your husband and such situation doesn't change unless the influence is taken out of the way. So pray that GOD will remove whoever or whatever that is a negative influence on your husband's marital life.

I wish to remind you that the love spell cast on your husband by Dr. Shiva has an expiration date. My counsel to you is to try and build love and trust for each other while that spell lasted unless you want your husband to leave you again. Moreover, you should identify the main causes why your husband left you in the first place and handle those issues squarelly.

You are proud that the love spell cast by Dr.Sheva on your husband worked. If i were you, i won't have broadcasted it. Ask yoursel, what happens if your husband learnt that you hired someone to cast a love spell on him? I counsel you, work on yourself to be a good wife that your husband could not resist.

Dear Jessica, you seem to be promoting  spell caster. However I wish to point out one thing, “every spell has an expiration date” when the spell expires or the man receives deliverance from that spell, he may still leave you unless you take care of what caused him to leave you n the first place. To employ someone to cast a spell on another person is counterproductive in the long run even though it may work in the short run. So let see what will happen after the expiration of the spell, whether that fake love brought about spell caster will still sustain you. Personally, I have nothing against spellcasters, they are doing the work they were asked to do. Know one thing you that used a spell, you claim that you are happy with your relationship now at the expense of your partner. Is he happy with the relationship now that you used a spell to hold him in bondage?

It is an act of wickedness to use a spell to keep your ex in bondage for that is what casting a love spell on your ex is. Every spell has an expiration date and when it expire, the ex will hate you more for who you are. Love must be expressed freely not using unconventional means to manipulate somebody.


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