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This is my ladies favorite "holiday." I have a few things picked out: movie, dinner etc.

What is everyone else doing? I was on the site yesterday and saw a bunch of articles on V day. Suffice to say, I got some good tips. I hope they work.

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I'm not doing anything. Valentine's Day just isn't a big thing for my husband and I. In 2006, we were separated because of his work and my school. In 2007, we were separated because he was training to go to Iraq. In 2008, he was in iraq, and this year, I'm in a different state because I am joining the Army (if you can't beat them, join them). At this point, it's been so long since we could celebrate it that it seems pointless. Instead, we make up our own holidays like the 'we spent 365 days in the same state together' holiday and whatnot, LOL.


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