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So, my wife and I went to the comedy show last night. We haven't been in sync for some time now. She was upset with me afterwards because she said that she felt alone, that I wasn't close to her. I get that. My problem is that she was distant with me prior to the show. As soon as we got to the table, she whipped out the iPhone to get on Facebook. Many times during the week when I attempt to kiss her or try to get close, she gets irritated. She's told me before that "she can't breathe" or "let me enjoy my TV show". So, last night, I figured it was one of those days so I just let her enjoy the show and let talk to her friend. I feel sometimes like I'm being needy, weak, ect., so I try to catch myself and stop. At 0800 this morning her facebook status says "Today's motto is F%ck It!!" I'm confused as what to do. I explained to last night that I thought she wanted some space and time to relax and enjoy the show without me being all over her. Am I just a jackass? Thanks for your time and attention.

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hello , 

from my point of view I dont think that you are or her are jack**** , maybe you two need some start overs , you need to set down and talk , maybe telling her how do you feel about her setting with the facebook instead of setting with you will be effective , im sure you love her and so does she , talk will solve things out , Maybe some old classic romance will do the job !!

The first thing to do is to request that she put the doggone phone away, turn off the computer, and have a face-to-face discussion with each you.  Too many couples today hide behind the new technology and social media.  If you are serious about a relatonship iPads, iPhones, Facebook and Twitter never become the primary channels of communication.

There's always a reason that a person changes the way they feel about another person.  Sometimes they just need the opportunity to figure it out.  Ask her to put the electronic gizomos away and write you a letter.  Yes, I said write, not type you a letter expressing what she feels about you, herself, and the relationship.  If she is honest with herself she may discover the reasons for her dismay. 


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Relationships are hard work and like others have said, I think you should sit down with her and tell her how you feel.  Or, since some men don't like talking about feelings, you could try to lead by example.  Ask her on a date and tell her that you would like to leave your cellphones at home and just focus on each other for one night.


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