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No offense, but I need a womans POV in this forum. I have been having problems with giving enough affection to my wife. It comes to an argument, then when I try to fix things or do little things for her, I end up "doing it wrong" or i dont do the right thing leaving me frustrated and un motivated to try. Any women have any thoughts?

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I think you should ask her what she needs.  What makes her feel loved? What makes her feel special? Women are all different so there is no way anyone can give you effective Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 advice.  BE WARNED that many of us do not like to speak our needs... I don't know why, it's our wiring I guess.  But you aren't a mind reader & if she wants to be satisfied, she has to tell you.  Aside from that, think back to things you did when you were dating that you might have stopped doing.  For example, before my husband & I got married, he would bring me candy bar at least once a week.  It meant alot to me that he made a special stop on his way to see me just to pick up my favorite candy bar.  Also, I keep a glass of water on my nightstand when I go to bed.  When we were first married, he brought my glass of water in every night.  He doesn't do that anymore... I wish he would. It was a simple thing that showed that he paid attention to my routines & it was very thoughtful.

Thank you for the advice. I really appreciate it. I will take all of this into consideration and apply it.

what is it that you are dong and what is it that she is complaining about?


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