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I know that chocolate, flowers and jewels are great expressions of love on Valentine's Day but this year I'm giving my wife something more. We're going to take a six week virtual course on Love and Relationships together. It involves weekly exercises and journaling and we'll each take the course and discuss it during the week. The 'kicker' is that I'm the author of the course! I'm a life coach and a business coach and my wife is one of my clients but I have to be careful to identify the 'hat I'm wearing' when I offer feedback or criticism so we've already worked out the roles we play and the course is meant for exploration; there are no 'right/wrong' assumptions so I can take it and get value from it just like anyone else.
I challenge others to do this, too. Sure, we went out together and bought each other thoughtful gifts and we'll have a romantic dinner in the same restaurant where I proposed to her 14 years ago but the real 'work' on our relationship will last for 6 weeks and we'll actually spend time talking about our relationship, our interests and speaking from our hearts. How about a Valentine's Month and a half?!
Join in at, and find it by clicking on the 'Love' topic on left side of page or in the coursework pull down tab.
Cheers and happy LOVE to all,
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