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This is totally crap. I am really surprised to hear this even in today's world where female sexuality , their desires and toys to fulfill those desires are at the peak. To be more precise women always had more craving for sex than men from ancient times which at that time got the name of female hysteria. I hope this might have cleared this totally rubbish myth.
Sounds like you have the feminist talking points all memorized. Read "The Female Brain" by Dr. Louann Brizendine. It will give you some actual facts to work with instead of fantasized rhetoric.
Some Women have sex toys so that can be the problem. We need sex too, but it have be the right mood. not some quick job maybe you are not up on your games it is good we want it all the time . Men want every Women he see they are born like that . If we give it up every day he still want it day and night.and someone else too.
Not necessarily. In general women have a lower sex drive than men. Yes, there are exceptions.

We don't take enough time? I take between 1 and 3 hours. No exaggeration. We've even done over 4 hours. She orgasms more often during sex than I do. Yet my wife's sex drive is low and getting lower. She won't admit it to me, but has admitted it to her friends. Nice.

A couple times a month just isn't enough for me. She admits, even to her friends that sex is great with me. It's just that well, once a month would satisfy her.

The point is that it's not always the man's fault the wife does not want sex.

Which brings up a question, what are you not doing so that you will enjoy sex?
Wow, I sit here looking at how most women feel toward men and their sex drive. Everybody has their own opinion and their own sex drive. Honestly in my opinion it depends on the person and the way they connect with their spouse mentally, emotionally, and physically. For most men the mental part is the hardest to overcome(and most do not want to put toward the effort involved), and I'm not saying that men can not be imaginative. Imagination and mental will have nothing to do with the other. Everything is mental, but if there is no emotion there is no physical interaction. For example: quoting Debbie King, "when a man comes, he becomes limp - and stays that way - whereas a woman can have multiple orgasms", This is all mental. I need not even say the following but I want to make a point, I know when I have finished with one organism I do not go limp. If I am only able to orgasm once and my wife has had her fill I will stay solid for 30 minutes to an hour (no, I do not use Viagra), not to mention as far as only women having multiple orgasms I can also say that 50% of the time I also have multiple orgasms with my wife. The only difference is that she gets to have one after the other, and a multiple orgasm for a man has periods in between the climaxes. A man would probably die if they all ran together like a woman's.

Quoting Straight Man, "In general (yes it is a generalization) men do need more sex than women. Our brain is wired for that. Read "The Female Brain" by Dr.Louann Brizendine. She's a psychiatrist with extensive experience and it's a pretty easy read. She's pretty straightforward and the information is actually available in other texts, it's not just her opinion.

As she will state, its a generalization. I am aware of several exceptions myself. But, yes, to our detriment, we on average need more sex than our wives." This was a great book and this subject has been dealt with by multiple Doctors. I agree with this statement and also believe this to be true. Another Doctor I like to refer to is Dr. Ellen Kreidman (Author of-"Light his fire", "Light her fire" and "Light your fire") also says the same exact thing. I can not say enough about this woman, she knows what she's talking about. She states that men need sex to live a health life, and yet women can go their whole life without sex and be just fine physically. A man has 17 glands that need to be emptied on a regular basis or a man will become severely ill and/or die. Do some research and you will find this to be true, There are exceptions to some things but the way a person is physically put together doesn't change. A man is a man and a woman is a woman.


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