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Absolute rubbish. Most men who stray are incapable of satisfying their own partner, so they go elsewhere looking for closure. But they're too vain to recognise that it's their fault that they can't get full mutual satisfaction with their own wife/partner. And don't forget, when a man comes, he becomes limp - and stays that way - whereas a woman can have multiple orgasms. And the wierd thing is that when a woman can't achieve orgasm it's invariably the man's fault - but again he's too vain (and stupid) to recognise it.
I agree that it is complete rubbish Debbie, but geez are you not getting satisfied at home or what? Not all women are capable of multiple orgasms...I've heard of relationships before where the woman can't even stand to be touched after an orgasm because of the extreme post-orgasm genital sensitivity. On top of all of that: It has been medically proven in many studies that women who are unable to achieve orgasm are generally inhibited by something other than their partners inabilities and/or lack prowess. The root causes range anywhere from a poor sense of self-image/worth to being embarrassed by the vulnerability that everyone places in their partner's hands during intercourse. These are issues caused in life, especially the developmental stages of puberty, when someone is misinformed about sex. Perhaps your seething anger is preventing your orgasms??????
It's the man's fault you can't reach an orgasm? Wow. Is it your invariably your fault when he has sex with another woman? Does anyone actually have any personal responsibility?

Admittedly the initiator of this thread didn't articulate himself very well. But there are two kinds of sexual cheating in a marriage. One is to go outside the marriage. The other is to not meet the sexual needs of the other person. Do a quick survey of men who have had affairs and I think you'll see that the vast majority of them involved a wife who just didn't want to be bothered with sex that much since she didn't feeeeel like it after she ate the wedding cake.

I am not saying they are justified in adultery. I am saying that it's not just their problem most of the time. How would you like it if your husband only talked with you once a month? How tight would your relationship be then?
Men need more sex then women!! Ha Ha not likely dude. I need/want more sex then my husband and I bet I am not the only one out there!!!
This makes 2 of us so far, lol
In general (yes it is a generalization) men do need more sex than women. Our brain is wired for that. Read "The Female Brain" by Dr.Louann Brizendine. She's a psychiatrist with extensive experience and it's a pretty easy read. She's pretty straightforward and the information is actually available in other texts, it's not just her opinion.

As she will state, its a generalization. I am aware of several exceptions myself. But, yes, to our detriment, we on average need more sex than our wives.
Men are different then women in their needs for sex- absolutely- because men, for the most part are not monogamous. However, that has nothing to do with our sex drives. For women, our emotional connection is far more important than anything else. For men, it's the physicalities of sex that drive them, ie, the visualization.

I have been married to a non monogamous man for 5 years, together for 10, in a polyamourous relationship. We have slept with other women, together, other couples, and he has had his own girlfriend. I want sex more than he does still to this day, and have always since we met, so I would not agree that all men need more sex than women do. It comes down to how much an individual, regardless of sex, needs or wants sex in their life, and what their motivating factors are for wanting the sex.
But sexually Women are more strong than men. Maximum time women doesn't feel orgasm, men ejaculate before women satisfied. Actually all situations are depends on various things.
Make Your Wife Hot
What if your wife NEVER wants sex? She has weight gain issues too...tries to loose weight by exercising and eating right, but still cannot loose weight...thyroid may be to blame...this also can affect libido...but what to do as a husband other than be supportive?
Oh, there's always a reason: stress on the job, not feeeeeling well, too much on her mind, the kids, you said something she didn't like three weeks ago, hormonal changes, still grieving after 10 years, not feeling as attractive as she once did, not feeling as energetic as she once did, it takes too much time, you don't give her enough time, the lawn needs to be mowed, her friend is having a problem, the economy is bad, her hair wouldn't cooperate this morning, the tides are too low.....

That's why the surveys show so many husbands taking care of their own needs and their wives just can't seem to figure it out.
learn how to spell and you might get laid more often
This is not a nice way to talk.
Shame on you!


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