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Now is definitely the season for weddings. I know that most of our readers are between 25-39 years old, which means you and all your friends are probably getting married or have recently gotten married--if you go by general marriage data. Anyway, how many weddings are on your plate this summer? Are you able to attend them all?

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Several of my friends are engaged, including my best friend. But there's just two weddings this season for me: my cousin Tom's wedding in September and my godsister's wedding on the east coast. I'm for sure going to my cousin's, because it's in the Bay Area, California. But I'm not sure I'll be able to get enough time off this summer to travel to the other wedding. Although I would LOVE to be able to go :(

So, it's a slow summer. I actually will delay my wedding because of a wedding. I'll get married in 2010, even though I'm so ready now, because my best friend is getting married in a year and a half and wants desperately to be first for some reason. She also thinks if our wedding dates are too close they'll interfere with our planning, since we're each other's maids-of-honor. Guess she'll be my matron-of-honor ;)


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