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John and I have our TWENTY year reunion coming up October 1st! Since we were in the same class in high school, AND the fact we moved away eight years ago- we are both very excited about our trip home and about the reunion.

It's great that we both know all the classmates since we are from the same class. But, I was thinking earlier today... "If we didn't know each other during high school and this was just JOHN'S class reunion and I didn't know anyone- how would I feel about going to it then?"

I'm pretty sure I was witness to some awkward, intimidated, and fairly unpleasant moments experienced by some of the spouses of classmates at our last reunion.

I was curious if anyone had any stories or insights about their class reunions regarding this subject. I want to (oh, and I certainly WILL) have a good time at my reunion, but I would also like to help the spouses of the classmates feel welcome and to have a good time, as well.

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I've actually never been to a "class reunion" I've been to a couple of gathering where people who i went to school with happened to be there as well but so far its almost twenty years since I graduated high school and nothing of the sort has taken place that I know of. 

N had the chance to attend his high school reunion deal a few years ago when we where down in the US visiting the ILs but chose not to do so. 

I know that I would feel a little out of place going to Ns reunion because I've meet many of those he grew up with and they are from a much different up bringing then I am and we have next to nothing in common, they are all parents or have fathered more kids then they support or stuff along those lines that makes trying to talk with them just plain hard (they don't like to read or listen to the news, and having ambition to better themselves seems like an unknown concept, most seemed happy to be on the doll then out there trying to find active employment).

N's meet a few that I went to school with and can't speak for him, but he didn't seem to have problems interacting with them in general (within a large social gathering), though his lack of interest in reading/watching the news does make for some moments of "what do we talk about now" deals. Though not so much as the asking about children does (that tends to bring all talk to a stop and people moving off and away when they learned we're childfree by choice and natures will). 

I think in general reunions family or school doesn't matter for some people they will be enjoyed for other's not so much.

I agree to everything!



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