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Start Your Marriage Right! - 5/9/12 (webinar)

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Relationship Enrichment Webinar

Start Your Marriage Right!

Set Up Your Marriage for Success with PreMarital Work 

It is common that couples struggle before they get married, and if they are the lucky ones that don't - they are ill prepared for the journey of marriage. Our families and society have not done well in the forms of providing good role models, skills and education around being long term, life, partners and sharing the responsibility of parenthood. This webinar touches on some PreMarital topics couples need information and guidance on to get off on the right foot: Expectations & Roles, Individuality Vs. Togetherness, Power & Finances, and Starting a Family. Get your basics under your belt!

BONUS: Negotiate Wedding Planning with Ease! 

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What you get, materials & takeaways -


 Set Your Relationship Up for Success, 

Effectively Contribute to Your Relationship,

Get on the Same Page with Your Partner, 

Resolve Concerns & Address Issues,  

Enrich & Nurture Your Relationship, 

Re-Ignite Your Love and Passion Today!

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Emma K. Viglucci, CFT, LMFT, CIT

Assists Couples Succeed at their Relationship!

Author of the Successful Couples™ Newsletter & Blog


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