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Study Reveals "Magic Moment" for Unwed Parents to Get Hitched

A Duke University study has unravelled some findings about children born out of wedlock and what it means for the parents and the children. In short, the researchers suggest that the "magic moment" for parents to get married after their baby is born is before the child's third birthday. This is when a lot of federal policies are available and the effects, according to the researchers, last longer than…

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Marriage Minutes: Can Strangers Tell If Your Spouse Is a Cheater?

A small study asked strangers to identify cheaters based on a short video of a couple's interaction.

8 Reasons It’s So Hard to Climb Out of the Darkness of Depression

What makes depression so debilitating and often, deadly? Here are eight factors that make depression hard to overcome.

6 Steps to Better Sex

Find that fire you once shared by using these tips to reconnect in the bedroom.

What to Do When Your Spouse Makes Snarky Comments

A few years into your marriage and the snarky comments and off-handed put-downs are getting old. Here's what to do.

Rapid Recipe: Mediterranean-Style Baked Potato Bar

Need something quick and easy that the entire family will love? Try this fun step-by-step potato bar recipe tonight!


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We know that men and women are biologically different, but we're also wired different, mentally. There are many lessons that have been learned through evolution and Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how they apply today. For more visit



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