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Welcome to the Married Life network from Hitched. This is a social network for sharing marriage advice, getting answers, and connecting with friends and family.

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Marriage Minutes: Secret Conversations of Cheaters Revealed; Premarital Experiences Impact Marriage Quality

New research shows that the size of your wedding could have an impact on your marriage quality.

Brian Carter: A Master Blender Bringing Out the Best in Washington Wine

Working with more than 20 varietals, Brian Carter Cellars wine epitomizes great crafted Washington wines.

Simple Tips For Mothers Preparing to Breastfeed

Plan on breastfeeding your baby? Use these essentials to make the process seamless.

How Do High-Profile Suicides Impact Others… And What To Do?

Celebrity suicides can either lead to despair in vulnerable people or prompt them to seek help. The author, through personal experience, explains what to do if you are struggling with depression—or if you know someone else who is.

Le Cadeau Black Hole Vineyard: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Husband and wife team Deb and Tom Mortimer have cultivated a patch of Oregon for all to enjoy.



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